ITALIAN FISH SEAFOOD Italians eat everything that comes out of the sea, from the smallest whitebait to the massive tuna fish. Fish markets in Italy are fascinating, with a huge variety of fish on display, but as most of the fish comes from the Mediterranean it is not always easy to find an equivalent elsewhere. However, fresh or frozen imported fish of all kinds is increasingly appearing in fishmongers and supermarkets. After pasta, fish is probably the most important source of food in Italy, and in many recipes fish or seafood are served with one type of pasta or another — a winning combination!
Orange Stuffed Mackerel Marinated Fish Sea Bass With Olive Sauce Trout In Red Wine Trout With Smoked Bacon Grilled Tuna Steaks Seafood Pizza Spaghetti Al Tonno Salmon And Caper Sauce Salmon Fillet With Herbs Squid And Macaroni Stew Stuffed Squid Pasta And Prawns Parcels Pan-Fried Prawns Macaroni And Seafood Bake Saffron Mussel Tagliatelle Vermicelli With Clams Farfallini Buttered Lobster Baked Scallops And Pasta Seafood Lasagna
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