ITALIAN MEAT DISHES Italians have their very own special way of butchering meat, producing very different cuts. Most meat is sold ready-boned and often cut straight across the grain. Veal is a great favourite and widely available. Pork is also popular, with roast pig being the traditional dish of Umbria. Suckling pig is roasted with lots of fresh herbs,especially rosemary, until the skin is  crisp and brown. Lamb is often served for special occasions, cooked on a spit or roasted in the oven with wine, garlic and herbs; and the very small cutlets from young Iambs feature widely, especially in Rome. Offal plays an important role, too, with liver, brains, sweetbreads, tongue, heart, tripe and kidneys always available. Whatever your favourite Italian meat dish is, it's sure to be included in this site.
Beef And Spaghetti Surprise Beef In Barolo Strips Of Sirloin In Cream Pizzaiola Steak Spaghetti And Meatballs Beef And Potato Ravioli Beef And Pasta Bake Neapolitan Pork Steaks Pork Chops With Sage Pork Cooked In Milk Pork With Lemon And Garlic Pasta And Pork In Cream Sauce Pot Roasted Leg Of Lamb Lamb Cutlets With Rosemary Roman Pan-Fried Lamb Lamb With Bay And Lemon Veal In A Rose Petal Sauce Vitello Tonnato Liver With Wine Sauce Sausage And Bean Casserole
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