ITALIAN  PASTA  RECIPES The simplicity and satisfying nature of pasta in all its varieties makes it a universal favourite. Easy to cook and economical, pasta is wonderfully versatile. It can be served with sauces made from meat, fish or vegetables, or baked in the oven. The classic Spaghetti Bolognese needs no introduction, and yet it is said that there are almost as many versions of this delicious regional dish as there are lovers of Italian food! Fish and seafood are irresistible combined with pasta and need only the briefest of cooking times. Pasta combined with vegetables provides inspiration for countless dishes which will please vegetarians and meat-eaters alike. The delicious pasta dishes in this chapter range from easy, economic mid-week suppers to sophisticated and elegant meals for special occasions.
Pasta Carbonara Spaghetti Bolognese Traditional Cannelloni Tortelloni Tagliatelle With Meatballs Sicilian  Spaghetti  Cake Spaghetti , Tuna And Parsley Pasta Vongole Spaghetti And Shellfish Italian Pasta-Pudding Pasta And Sicilian Sauce Pasta And Mussel Sauce Seafood Pasta Vermicelli And Clam Sauce Macaroni And Tuna Bake Pasta With Nuts And Cheese Tagliatelle And Garlic Sauce Spaghetti With Ricotta Sauce Pasta With Cheese And Broccoli Pasta And Green Vegetables
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