ITALIAN PIZZAS AND BREAD There is little to beat the irresistible aroma and taste of a freshly-made pizza cooked in a wood-fired oven. The recipes for the homemade dough base and freshly made tomato sauce in this site will give you the closest thing possible to an authentic Italian pizza. You can add any type of topping, from salamis and cooked meats, to vegetables and fragrant herbs — the choice is yours! The Italians make delicious bread, combining all of the flavours of the Mediterranean. You can use the breads in this chapter to mop up the juices from a range of Italian dishes, or you can eat them on their own as a tasty snack.
Special Tomato Pizza Sauce
Scone (Biscuit) Base
Potato Pizza Base
Tomato Pizza Sauce
Bread Dough Base
Pizza Margherita
Vegetable Calzone
Mushroom Pizza
Florentine Pizza
Cheese And Artichoke Pizza
Onion Ham And Cheese Pizza
Tomato Chorizo Pizza
Bacon And Pepperoni Pizza
Corned Beef Hash Pizza
Italian Calzone
Funny Faces Pizza
Mini Pita Bread Pizzas
Garlic Bread
Italian Bruschetta
Sun-dried Tomato Rolls
Roman Focaccia
Olive Oil Bread with Cheese
Chicken And Peanut Pizza
Cheese And Potato Plait
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