ITALIAN POULTRY GAME RECIPES Poultry dishes provide some of Italy's finest food. Every part of the chicken is used, including the feet and innards for making soup. Spit-roasted chicken, flavoured strongly with aromatic rosemary, has become almost a national dish. Turkey, capon, duck, goose and guinea fowl are also popular, as is game. Wild rabbit, hare, wild boar and deer are available,especially in Sardinia. This chapter contains a superb collection of mouthwatering recipes. You will be astonished at how quickly and easily you can prepare some of these gourmet dishes.
Pan - Cooked Chicken Chicken Cacciatora Chicken Lasagne Barbecued ( Grilled ) Chicken  Chicken With Green Olives Chicken And Balsamic Vinegar Chicken And Lobster On Penne Chicken With Orange Sauce  Chicken Pepperonata Roman Chicken Italian Chicken Parcels Pasta And Chicken Medley  Parma - Wrapped Chicken Chicken Tortellini Chicken With Vegetables Garlic And Herb Chicken Italian - Style Sunday Roast Slices Of Duckling With Pasta Mustard Baked Chicken Pesto Baked Partridge
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