ITALIAN SWEETS-DESSERTS The Italians love their desserts, but when there is an important gathering or celebration, then an extra special effort is made and a wide range of exquisite delicacies appear. The Sicilians are said to have the sweetest tooth of all, and many Italian desserts are thought to have originated there. Indeed, you have to go a very long way to beat a Sicilian ice cream — they truly are the best in the world! Fresh fruit also features in many Italian desserts — oranges are often peeled and served whole, marinated in a fragrant syrup and liqueur. Chocolate, too, is very popular in Italy — try the different varieties of the classic Tiramisu that are included in this site. Whatever your dessert preference, there is sure to be an Italian dessert to tempt and satisfy you — you'll never be disappointed!
Tuscan Pudding
Tiramisu Layers
Orange And Almond Cake
Panforte di Siena
Pear Cake
Pear And Ginger Cake
Italian Bread Pudding
Mascarpone Cheese Cake
Chocolate Chip Ice Cream
Honey And Nut Nests
Quick Tiramisu
Caramelised Oranges
Peaches And Mascarpone
Sweet Mascarpone Mousse
Panettone  Strawberries
Vanilla Ice Cream
Ricotta Ice Cream
Lemon Granita
Rosemary Biscuits (Cookies)
White Chocolate Florentines
Italian Chocolate Truffles
Italian Pear Tart
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