ITALIAN VEGETARIAN RECIPES Vegetables are a staple ingredient in Italian cooking. The different areas supply a prolific amount of fresh and succulent vegetables, including globe artichokes which grow wild on Sicily, sweet (bell) peppers which are sun-ripened in Italy, as are the universally popular  sun-ripened tomatoes. Vegetables work well with a variety of different ingredients, including pasta, rice, grains and pulses to make a selection of delicious dishes. However, vegetables can make a tasty meal in themselves. Try vegetables barbecued (grilled) on rosemary skewers — the aromatic flavour of this wonderful herb is imparted during the cooking process to make a very Italian dish. Vegetables have so much potential — experiment and enjoy!
Braised Fennel And Linguine
Creamy Pasta And Broccoli
Garlic Potato Wedges
Green Tagliatelle And Pistachio
Italian Potato Wedges
Italian Spaghetti
Italian Vegetable Tart
Macaroni Bake
Pasta Stuffed Tomatoes
Pesto Potatoes
Ricotta And Spinach Parcels
Spaghetti And Mushroom Sauce
Spinach And Mushroom Lasagne
Spinach And Ricotta Pie
Stuffed Peppers Grilled
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