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CINNAMON = CANNELLA The sweet, woody smell of cinnamon has been recognised from nearly the beginning of time as the warmest, most calming scents in the world. Produced from the brown bark of cinnamon trees and native to Sri Lanka, it has been used for millennia as a spice, a medicine, and a really invaluable trade product. There are many different types of cinnamon however the most generally used are Ceylon cinnamon  and Cassia cinnamon. Each of those are different in flavours with Ceylon cinnamon being a lot more refined and delicate of the two. Cassia costs less and easily accessible in North America. When buying cinnamon for cooking, it is good to recognise the differences between the two types. Ceylon cinnamon is light in colour and also the stick is thin and the powder is finer. Cassia is more dark in colour and difficult to break. When buying cinnamon powder for cooking food, it can be hard to recognize the difference. In such instances, ensure that the brand label on the product identifies the variety. Ground cinnamon carries a more powerful aroma than whole sticks, however , if either variety doesn't smell fairly sweet it's past it's best and need to be discarded. Ethnic marketplaces and local shops sell both varieties. Choose organically produced cinnamon which is the more healthy choice. Cinnamon sticks will have a stronger flavour. It can remain fresh for more than 1 year. Ground cinnamon normally has a shorter life of around 6 months. Ensure that both are kept in firmly sealed  containers  and stored in a dry, cool and dark place. For extended life, cinnamon may be stored in the fridge. Cinnamon can be used in cooking not just for the flavour but it's many health benefits. Cinnamon is said to boost energy, vitality and blood circulation. Cinnamon is additionally used as an natural treatment to deal with high blood sugar levels, high cholesterol, ,arthritis and as an aphrodisiac. Cinnamon oil is used in aromatherapy and may be used in our houses as a room freshener. Below are a few exciting ways that we can use cinnamon in cooking. Use as ingredient in home made cookies and biscuits Sprinkle on apple crumble or cake Use in a recipe for mulled wines Put cinnamon in yogurt or ice cream Use on cereals or hot chocolate Boil a cinnamon stick with  milk for healing purposes Add to  fruit salad and rice pudding Cinnamon tea is a wonderful drink along with honey for the treatment of cold Ground cinnamon is an excellent addition to fruit puddings including apples, prunes,  oranges and apricots Doughnuts get a great flavour when sugar and cinnamon are scattered over them It is a well known marinate for beef or lamb.
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