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CLOVES = GAROFANO Clove is the close pink flower bud from the evergreen clove tree. The buds are usually selected by hand while they're pink and dried up till they change dark brown in colour. Cloves are usually about 1/2-inch long and with their tapered stalk, they look like small  nails. Actually, their English name is in fact resulting from the Latin word clavus, meaning nail. Even though cloves have a very hard exterior, their flesh includes an oily substance which is important to their nutritional and flavour profile. Cloves possess a warm, sweet and aromatic flavour . When possible, shop for whole cloves rather than clove powder because the latter seems to lose its flavour quicker. When squashed with a fingernail, high quality cloves will discharge some of their oil. Additionally, you can put a clove inside a glass of water. The   good quality ones will float vertically when the ones that are stale will either sink or float horizontally. Although dried spices and herbs are easily and widely available in grocery stores, look into any local spice suppliers or ethnic stores in your town. Often, these types of shops offer an extensive variety of dried herbs and spices which are of excellent quality and freshness in comparison to those supplied in standard markets. Just like other dried spices, make sure to choose naturally produced cloves because this gives you more confidence that the herb is not irradiated. Cloves must be stored in a firmly sealed glass container in a cool, dark and dry place. Ground cloves can keep for around 6 months, while whole cloves will remain fresh for 1 year stored that way. Alternatively, you are able to prolong their life by keeping them in the fridge. Because cloves possess a strong flavour, particularly those that have been ground, caution must be taken when deciding the amount to include in a recipe to not overpower the flavours of the other ingredients. The best way to grind whole cloves in to a powder is by using a coffee mill. Pierce an onion with whole cloves and include to soups, broths or poaching liquids. Give a warming note to apple cider with the addition of ground cloves and cinnamon. Spice up fruit juices by adding ground cloves.
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