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DILL = ANETO Dill has  been used for its cooking and therapeutic qualities for millennia. In the past, it had been useful to relieve the digestive system after meals.   Today we know dill helps intestinal health by eliminating bacterial overgrowth and neutralizing many of the carcinogens in charcoal grill and tobacco smoke. Dill is another great example of the amazing health benefits to be derived from fresh herbs. An excellent stomach reliever is a little chopped dill combined with plain low-fat natural yogurt. Dill is actually easy to grow, although it develops best where there is lots of sunlight. It's  easy to grow dill from seeds, and when you let your dill grow to seed in late summer, the plant will drop the seeds and grow new dill  in that spot the next year. When you use fresh dill, discard the thicker parts of the stalks, collecting the thin stems with leaves attached. Each and every spot where you snip some dill from the plant is going to grow two branches, which means that like the majority of herbs, when using the dill often will produce  a bushier plant. Springtime, is a time when we generally prefer to lighten up the meals we eat, always brings dill to my mind. Its gentle flavour is rather refreshing  and enhances  foods nicely without overpowering them. I especially like dill with seafood, for example salmon, trout, sea bass, or scallops. Choose feathery green dill as their  scent you can very easily detect. Cover it inside a wet cloth or position the stems in a container of water, and refrigerate.   Prior to cooking, rinse fresh dill with running water and pat dry. You can also place dill leaves in ice cube trays, cover up with water or stock, and freeze to have available for soups,sauces and stews. When  cook using dill,  use the herb as fresh as  you can. Chop it only just before using and add it at the end of cooking to maintain the flavour. It's advisable  you prevent cooking dill at all and just put it in to the pan after you removed it from the heat.   Experiment and have fun with this wonderful herb!
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