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GINGER = ZENZERO Ginger has a peppery taste, with a nice touch of lemon, and the scent is pungent and distinct. It is also available ground, that is particularly great for baking. Pickled, kept in syrup (also known as stem ginger) candied or crystallised. When you use fresh ginger in baking, it's good to either mince it very finely or grate it. You can even use a spice grinder or food processor to blend it in to a paste. Select plump, firm roots. Stay away from old and wrinkly roots, as they're probably hard and fibrous. If you can, avoid roots which are very knobbly, because they will be difficult  to peel. Break off a knob of ginger and then, with a small, sharp knife, remove  the skin. Then grate, slice, cut into batons or crush. Raw ginger can keep for about 2 weeks inside a food bag stored in the refrigerator. The ground ginger can preserve for around six months when kept in a small, airtight container in a cool, dark place. Put fresh ginger to stir-fries or curries; use in marinades, grate to make tea. Ginger will work well in puddings, flapjacks and fruit cupcakes or stewed fresh fruits, especially apple. When buying fresh ginger, pick solid, heavy roots without soft spots. Keep ginger in the fridge in a plastic bag. To work with ginger, the skin is normally removed. It is quickly done with a spoon. Just scrape the side of the spoon against the skin of the ginger, and it comes away pretty nicely. You may also use a vegetable peeler or simply slice away the skin using a knife, however a spoon is the recommended technique as it can get  in to the root's curved shapes . Nearly all ginger  in shops is rather fibrous. To reduce the chances of getting a mouthful of stringy gingerroot, there's a few simple methods to prepare ginger for your pot. After peeling, slice the ginger in to medallions, then matchsticks, and then fine chop. Using this method, you are chopping the long fibbers in the root against the grain, which makes the ginger a lot more palatable. Alternatively, you may grate raw ginger  to get a very fine ginger paste. When cooking food with fresh ginger, there are many  methods to include it in to a meal. For stir fry's, I usually fry ginger medallions or matchsticks in the hot oil just before putting the vegetables. You may then get rid of the ginger or leave it inside if you want. You can even grate the ginger to a paste before frying it . This approach is specially good if you want plenty of spicy ginger flavour. Additionally texture is nice as the ginger is going to be thoroughly integrated instead of remaining in big pieces . You can even put raw ginger to hot tea or mixed fruit juices. Some Other Forms of Ginger Dry powder ginger is probably one of the most popular form of ginger. It is used mainly for baking and is less aromatic compared to fresh ginger. You may even manage to come across dried ginger in pieces or ginger in syrup, both of which I have almost no experience using them, because i find fresh, dried, and candied ginger to always be fully suitable for my cooking needs.
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