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 PARSLEY = PREZZEMOLO Parsley is definitely the world's most well-known herb. It take its name from the Greek phrase which means "rock celery" (parsley belongs to celery family). It is a biennial herb which will come back to your garden every single year when its established. The two most favoured varieties of parsley are curly parsley and Italian flat leaf parsley. The Italian variety carries a more aromatic and less sour flavour than the curly variety. Whenever you can, select fresh parsley over the dried because it is superior in flavour. Select fresh parsley which is rich green in colour and appears fresh and crisp. Avoid bunches which have leaves that are wilted or discoloured because this signifies that these are possibly over mature or damaged. Just as with other dried herbs, if you decide to buy dried parsley flakes, make sure to choose organically produced parsley because this gives you more reassurance that the herbs haven't been irradiated.   Fresh parsley must be stored in the fridge inside a plastic bag. In case the parsley is a little wilted, either sprinkle it lightly with little water or rinse it with out entirely drying it before placing in the fridge. In case you have too much flat leaf parsley, it is possible to dry it by placing it in a single layer on a clean kitchen towel. After dried, it must be placed in a firmly sealed container in a cool, dark and dry place. Curly leaf parsley is best kept by freezing, rather than drying. Fresh parsley must be cleaned just before using as it is very delicate. The simplest way to clean it is just like you would spinach. Put it in a bowl of cold water and move it around using your hands. This will allow for any mud or soil to dislodge. Remove the parsley from the water, empty the bowl, re-fill it using fresh water and continue this process till no dirt remains in the water. Because it has a stronger flavour than the curly variety, Italian flat leaf parsley is the best for cooking and for that reason is usually the variety preferred for hot recipes. It must be added towards the finish of the cooking process so that it can  maintain its flavour, colour and nutrition. When you are making a light coloured sauce, use the stalks  instead of the leaves, so that the sauce can take on the flavour of parsley but not the green colour. • Include parsley to pesto sauce to give more texture to its green colour. • Mix chopped up parsley, garlic and lemon juice, and put over chicken, lamb and beef. • Use parsley in stews and sauces. • Chopped parsley may be added  on a number various recipes, such as salads, vegetable sautés and grilled sea food.
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