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ROSEMARY = ROSMARINO Rosemary's strong, aromatic scent has traditionally been associated with lamb, chicken and game, however , it is also suitable for seafood and bean recipes. Its shrub has light blue or pinkish flowers and  green, needle-like leaves which are silver on the underside. Its bittersweet green leaves resemble pine needles. Originally from the Mediterranean, rosemary is  widely used in French, Spanish and Italian cooking. Rosemary had been valued by the Greeks for being beneficial to the brain, and it is also known as the herb sacred to friendly relationship. Rosemary is ever-green and it is available fresh throughout the year. In case you buy it in a pot, it can keep on a sunlit windowsill (or outdoors in a sunny area) for several weeks, with regular watering. Rub the leaves before you purchase - not every rosemary plant are produced identical, and you must choose  one which is highly aromatic. Its bittersweet green leaves look like pine needles. Select fresh rosemary when you can. Dried rosemary is certainly suitable alternate choice, but  need to be replaced constantly as it  loses its strength and flavour quickly. One tsp of dried rosemary is the equivalent to 3 tea spoons of chopped fresh leaves. Rosemary may be used as part of a bouquet garni to get put into soups, stews and casseroles; entire sprigs can be roasted with root vegetables or spread over Italian bread such as focaccia to provide flavour. May be additionally included with pieces of various meats or roasted vegetables and taken out before serving. Through the roasting process, rosemary leaves are likely to drop from their stalk therefore will have to be strained out. When used reasonably, the savoury flavour of rosemary is effective in delicate desserts like sorbets, fools and fresh fruit salads. To chop rosemary, remove the leaves from the hard woody stem and chop them really finely because they are quite hard. Likewise, crush dried rosemary before using it since the herb is much more delicate when dried. Always keep in the refrigerator inside a firmly sealed container or plastic bag. Fresh rosemary will keep for many weeks.
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